Why Banyan?


Has your company perfected the art of manufacturing products for the aftermarket, but struggles to get your products into the proper distribution channels to reach the consumer? Banyan can complement your manufacturing expertise with solid strategies to get your products into the proper distribution channels.

Our expertise can help you realize who your customers are … and who they are not. This expertise will help you isolate your opportunities, as well as uncover new opportunities for you in the market place. Our support teams can ensure that you are positioned to provide the needed in-market services to support your business and give your customers the tools they need to support them and their customers. Learn more about our specific services here. We bring the necessary focus that combines your manufacturing excellence with our industry experience, knowledge and services to build a solid foundation for your business.

Change is a constant in the aftermarket industry. Does your company understand how advanced power train technologies, alternative fuels, telematics, changing fuel standards and new body and frame materials are revolutionizing the industry? Do you have the market knowledge to predict and forecast what parts are in demand right now and what will be in demand for years to come?

Increased pricing pressure on distributors, customer consolidation, and the growing need for lower costs throughout the supply chain are forcing suppliers and distributors to look for improved cost models to position themselves more competitively.

banyan-partnershipA partnership with Banyan can be the right solution for your business if you are committed to building the needed foundation to grow your long-term business in North America.



Are you looking to expand your supply base options? Maybe your existing supplier isn’t providing you the value, service, cost, or market differentiation that you need to compete. Maybe they have too much leverage on your business.

The cost-side of buying from an international supplier is often attractive, but it isn’t always feasible to buy in container-loads. Plus, there are often many other program needs that are required to make it a successful product line for your business. Many product lines require the supplier to provide you product management, product/market expertise, cataloging, supply chain management and other services to make it a complete program that will work for your business and your customers. Banyan understands these unique needs, and works as a partner with you and the supplier to provide what is needed and what is of value. That allows you to create the right program with the right cost structure for your business.

Banyan can introduce you to existing supplier partners, help you with existing suppliers, or find other suppliers that can fulfill your needs.