Banyan Product Solutions

We bring automotive aftermarket customers and suppliers together.

Banyan Product Solutions partners with strong automotive aftermarket suppliers who are committed to growing their business in North America. With nearly fifty years of partnership experience, Banyan’s leadership has extensive expertise in establishing and growing business in the aftermarket. From global sourcing, market knowledge and established relationships with key customers, Banyan can help you and your business establish customized strategies for market entry, market support, and market growth to create a unique market opportunity for you and your products.

The automotive aftermarket in the United States consists of over 500,000 independent manufacturers, distributors, parts stores and repair shops. It is large and complicated, which can make it challenging to stay on top of the trends constantly changing the industry.

In 2018, over $380 billion will be spent in aftermarket parts and services in the United States to keep the 278 million+ light duty vehicles operating on the road. This business is serviced through nearly 260,000 retail parts outlets that are needed to distribute the parts to keep the aftermarket thriving. Banyan Product Solutions is poised to help your company capture your share of this ever-growing and rapidly changing market.

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Has your company perfected the art of manufacturing products for the aftermarket, but struggles to get your products into the proper distribution channels to reach the consumer? Banyan can complement your manufacturing expertise with solid strategies to get your products into the proper distribution channels.

We’re uniquely equipped to help you realize who your customers are … and who are not. We bring the necessary focus to join your manufacturing excellence with our industry experience and knowledge.

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